Num Name Team GP G Sort Descending A PTS PPG SHG GWG STAR PIM
28Stanley, ScottCoed 906600000
23Lyman, MikeWhale905500000
14Hardy , AndreaSbZro903300010
5Dunbar, JeffCoed 903300000
32Brown, MartyMud D903300010
19Schwarz, DanielMud D903300000
55Scheu, BevCoed 902200000
33Teblum, CoreySbZro902200000
55Scheu, BevCoed 902200000
3Coleman, DanielCoed 902200000
33Walsh, ChadCoed 902200000
31Johnson, KeithMud D902200000
16Harari, AbeMud D902200000
27Linder, LloydWhale901100000
22Austin, BrendaWhale901100000
1Gardiner, TerryCoed 901100000
44McCleery, WhitneyCoed , Coed 1801100000
95Marquez, MarkSbZro901100000
1Pierson, ChrisMud D901100000
29Lipsman, DanCoed 901100000
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GP = Games Played, G = Goals, A = Assists, PTS = Points, PPG = Power Play Goals, SHG = Shorthanded Goals, GWG = Game-Winning Goals, STAR = Star Points, PIM = Penalty Mins

Num Name Team GGP GMINS W L T SA GA SVS Sort Descending GAA SPCT SO
1Fetch, JohnCoed1201002020.001.0000
3Coleman, DanielCoed 000000000.000.0000
27Fetch, JohnCoed 000000000.000.0000
1Gardiner, TerryCoed 000000000.000.0000
31Johnson, KeithMud D000000000.000.0000
1Margulis, DavidCoed 000000000.000.0000
95Marquez, MarkSbZro000000000.000.0000
31Westbrook, MarkWhale000000000.000.0000
1Retich, JakeCoed 1200102206.000.0000
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GGP = Games Played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, SA = Shots Against, GA = Goals Against, SVS = Saves, GAA = Goals Against Avg, SPCT = Save%