In Progress123T
Coed Sub Zero (CoEd) 5308
Coed Puckos (CoEd) 2013
Coed Offsides (CoEd) 2305
Coed Old Glory (CoEd) 0011
Team #2 Droge (SunA) 2215
Team #1 Costello (SunA) 4206

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Spring 2014 Playoffs

Season:Spring 2014 Date:June 7, 2014 - June 15, 2014
Type:TournamentFacility: Tri-Valley Roller Hockey Juan de Anza Park (Calabasas, CA)
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Composite Event Schedule and Results

Saturday, June 7th
Time Rink Div Type Home Away Status
11:30AM1MitePlaM4 Sharks - 4M2 Jets - 5Box Score
12:45PM1MitePlaM1 Kings - 4M3 Coyotes - 1Box Score
2:00PM1SqrtPlaS2 Kings - 3S3 North Stars - 11Box Score
3:15PM1SqrtPlaS5 Hurricanes - 4S1 Flyers - 3Box Score
Sunday, June 8th
Time Rink Div Type Home Away Status
5:00PM1CoEdPlaCoed Looney Tunes - 1Coed Yo Mama - 5Box Score
6:15PM1CoEdPlaCoed Old Glory - 0Coed On Tap - 4Box Score
7:30PM1CoEdPlaCoed Offsides - 1Coed Puckos - 6Box Score
8:45PM1CoEdPlaCoed Sub Zero - 3Coed Radioactive - 7Box Score
Thursday, June 12th
Time Rink Div Type Home Away Status
4:30PM1SqrtPlaS3 North Stars - 5S4 Eagles - 7Box Score
5:45PM1SqrtPlaS5 Hurricanes - 3S6 Red Wings - 4Box Score
Saturday, June 14th
Time Rink Div Type Home Away Status
11:30AM1MitePlaM1 Kings - 5M2 Jets - 2LIVE Box Score
2:00PM1SqrtPlaS6 Red Wings - 4S4 Eagles - 4LIVE Box Score
Sunday, June 15th
Time Rink Div Type Home Away Status
6:00PM1CoEdPlaCoed Radioactive - 3Coed Puckos - 2Box Score
7:30PM1CoEdPlaCoed On Tap - 2Coed Yo Mama - 3Box Score