In Progress123T
DROGE Team #4 (ThNA) 0112
BOTTS Team #2 (ThNA) 2013
LERNER Team #3 (ThNA) 1023
KANE Team #1 (ThNA) 2103
Teams 1 & 4 (THRED) 1012
Teams 2 & 3 (THRED) 3137
DROGE Team #4 (ThNA) 1102
LERNER Team #3 (ThNA) 0415

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FREE Learn 2 Skate Class
We Teach you how to Skate for FREE!!!  Every Tuesday from 3:30pm - 4:15pm at the Rink...  Beginners of ALL Ages are welcome.  ALL you need is Skates and a Helmet.  We supply the Rest of the Gear!!!  This FREE Class is offered Every Tuesday during the Fall and Spring Seasons.  Our Teaching Method will put You a Fast Track to Learning how to Balance and Skate the Correct way.  You won't find better instruction ANYWHERE!!!
Please Call, Ned Collins to reserve a spot for the FREE Learn 2 Skate Class at 805-501-2744.