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DROGE Team #4 (ThNA) 0112
BOTTS Team #2 (ThNA) 2013
LERNER Team #3 (ThNA) 1023
KANE Team #1 (ThNA) 2103
Teams 1 & 4 (THRED) 1012
Teams 2 & 3 (THRED) 3137
DROGE Team #4 (ThNA) 1102
LERNER Team #3 (ThNA) 0415

Upcoming Games

Roller Rookies Class
Roller Rookies is an ongoing Class offered EVERY Tuesday from 4:15pm - 5:30pm at the Rink.  This Class is for the Beginner Player Teaching the Basic Skills needed to play Roller Hockey.  ALL You need is Skates and WE Will Supply the Rest of the Gear!!!  Roller Rookies should have attended Our FREE Learn 2 Skate Class prior to participating, or You MUST  be an efficient Skater.   We Teach You ALL the skills necessary to Graduate into Playing in Our Leagues.  
Please Call Coach Ned at 805-501-2744 for Reservations.
Fees:  $15.00/Class